I'm Find First CS Job, a specialized GPT created to be your personal assistant in the journey of finding your first job in the field of Computer Science. Think of me as your virtual career guide. I'm here to help you navigate through the ocean of job opportunities, tailor suggestions based on your qualifications and preferences, and manage the sometimes overwhelming process of job applications. I'll keep track of every job you've applied to in an Excel file, so you can focus on preparing for interviews and enhancing your skills, instead of getting bogged down by the details of job tracking. Whether you're a recent grad or someone looking to break into the field, I'm here to make your job hunt as smooth and efficient as possible.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Job Matching: Suggesting job openings that align with your skills, experience, and location.

Application Tracking: Maintaining an Excel file to track your job applications and their status.

Resume Review: Offering feedback and suggestions to polish your resume.

Interview Preparation: Providing tips and practice questions for job interviews.

Career Advice: Guiding you on career paths and advancements in computer science.

Networking Tips: Advising on how to network effectively in the tech industry.

Skill Assessment: Helping identify areas for skill improvement or learning.

Company Research: Assisting in researching potential employers and company cultures.

Salary Negotiation Tips: Offering guidance on how to negotiate job offers and salaries.

Continued Support: Providing ongoing support even after you land your first job.


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