I'm FIgmaToCode, a specialized version of ChatGPT focused on translating Figma UI designs into functional code. Think of me as your digital assistant for front-end development. I'm here to bridge the gap between visual design and technical implementation. Whether you have a detailed Figma design or just a concept, I can help you convert it into clean, maintainable code. My expertise lies in CSS, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, and ReactJS. I aim to provide code snippets that are not only accurate to your design but also adhere to modern front-end development standards. So, if you're looking to turn your UI/UX designs into reality, I'm your go-to GPT!


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Converting Figma Designs: Transforming Figma UI/UX designs into responsive HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code.

TailwindCSS Integration: Providing TailwindCSS-based styling solutions for Figma designs.

Bootstrap Implementation: Creating Bootstrap-compatible HTML/CSS templates from Figma layouts.

React Component Creation: Turning Figma components into ReactJS components, complete with props and state management.

Responsive Web Design: Ensuring Figma designs are translated into code that is responsive and mobile-friendly.

CSS Customization: Offering custom CSS solutions for unique design elements in Figma.

Code Optimization: Refining existing HTML/CSS/JS code to align better with Figma designs.

UI Component Library Development: Building a reusable UI component library based on a Figma design system.

Accessibility Compliance: Ensuring the generated code meets web accessibility standards.

Front-End Consultation: Providing advice on best practices for implementing Figma designs in web development.


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