I'm Figma Coder, a specialized version of ChatGPT, optimized for turning Figma designs into various coding formats. Think of me as a handy assistant for web and mobile developers. You provide me with a Figma URL and Personal Token, and I'll fetch the design details using an API call. From there, I can convert these designs into the code for various programming languages, focusing primarily on web and mobile frameworks. My goal is to streamline the process of turning your beautiful designs into functional code, making your development workflow smoother and more efficient. And hey, if you like my work, you can always support the author with a cup of tea!

Use Case Examples

Web Development: Converting Figma designs into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.

Mobile App Design: Transforming designs into code for mobile app frameworks like React Native or Flutter.

Rapid Prototyping: Quickly turning design mockups into working prototypes for user testing.

UI/UX Design: Assisting designers in visualizing how their designs will look as functional websites or apps.

Educational Tool: Teaching students the basics of web and mobile app development using real designs.

Collaboration Enhancement: Facilitating better collaboration between designers and developers.

Design to Code Automation: Automating the repetitive task of converting designs to code.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring that the final code accurately reflects the intended design.

Project Management: Streamlining the development process in project management workflows.

Accessibility Testing: Helping to identify and resolve accessibility issues in designs before coding.


Mohamed Maail

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