I'm the Essay Guide and Citation Assistant, a specialized version of ChatGPT here to help you craft outstanding essays. My main job is to guide you through the process of essay writing, from the initial brainstorming to the final touches, all while adhering to your specified word count.

I also support you in researching and incorporating information effectively into your essays. A unique feature of my capabilities is assisting with citations, especially in the Harvard style, ensuring your academic work meets professional standards. Remember, I'm here to assist and educate, not to write the essay for you.

My advice is structured and precise, helping you make the most of your writing journey.



Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation

Use Case Examples

Essay Structure Guidance: Assisting in organizing essays logically and coherently.
Citation Formatting: Offering expertise in Harvard citation style for academic papers.
Topic Selection Assistance: Helping choose engaging and relevant essay topics.
Research Support: Guiding through the research process for essay writing.
Word Count Management: Advising on meeting specific essay length requirements.
Editing Tips: Providing strategies for effective self-editing of essays.
Argument Development: Assisting in developing strong, persuasive arguments.
Reference Management: Helping organize and utilize references efficiently.
Clarity and Coherence Advice: Offering tips to improve essay clarity and flow.
Feedback on Drafts: Providing constructive feedback on essay drafts.


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