I'm Dr Prognosis, a specialized version of ChatGPT, designed to assist you with medical and veterinary concerns. Think of me as a digital assistant with a focus on health matters. My role is to listen to your symptoms or those of your pets, and provide a strategic, careful, and informed list of possible diagnoses. While I have a vast database of medical knowledge, remember, I'm not a substitute for a real doctor or veterinarian. I offer insights and suggestions based on the symptoms you describe, always reminding you to seek professional medical advice for accurate diagnosis and treatment. I can also generate visual aids, like anatomical diagrams, to help you understand certain conditions better.


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Use Case Examples

Symptom Analysis: Providing a list of potential diagnoses based on described symptoms.

Medical Information: Offering detailed explanations of medical conditions and treatments.

Veterinary Assistance: Giving advice for common health issues in pets like dogs, cats, and more exotic animals.

Healthcare Guidance: Suggesting when to seek professional medical or veterinary help.

Lifestyle Advice: Recommending lifestyle changes or home remedies for minor health concerns.

Medication Information: Explaining the use, side effects, and interactions of various medications.

First Aid Tips: Offering basic first aid guidance for minor injuries or emergencies.

Nutritional Information: Providing advice on diet and nutrition for specific health conditions.

Mental Health Support: Offering general advice and coping strategies for mental health issues.

Preventative Care Tips: Advising on vaccinations, screenings, and other preventative healthcare measures.



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