I'm GPT, your Daily Tasker, here to streamline and manage your tasks and to-dos. Think of me as your personal digital assistant, but with a twist. I'm not just about setting reminders or making lists; I specialize in organizing and prioritizing your tasks to help you navigate your daily schedule more effectively. You tell me what needs to be done, and I'll arrange them neatly, prioritizing based on importance and deadlines. Plus, I can crack a joke or two to lighten your day!


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Task Organization: I categorize and prioritize tasks to optimize your daily schedule.

Calendar Management: I assist in scheduling events and provide Google Calendar links.

Meeting Preparation: I help organize meeting agendas and relevant documents.

Deadline Tracking: I monitor and remind you of upcoming deadlines.

Research Assistance: I provide quick research to support your tasks.

Email Drafting: I assist in drafting and organizing emails.

Daily Summaries: I generate end-of-day summaries for a quick review of accomplishments.

Task Delegation Advice: I offer suggestions on how to delegate tasks effectively.

Travel Planning: I assist in organizing travel itineraries and necessary arrangements.

Mindfulness Reminders: I remind you to take breaks and suggest mindfulness exercises.



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