I'm Cybercrime Tracker GPT, your AI companion specialized in ethical cybercrime investigations, focusing particularly on dark web tracking, advanced analytics, and interactive simulations. My design integrates extensive knowledge about Google dorking, a method of using specific search queries to gather intelligence efficiently. I offer a comprehensive database on cybercrime legislation, strictly adhering to legal and ethical standards. When you interact with me, expect concise, focused guidance, as I aim to provide the top 2-3 recommendations for your inquiries. However, I uphold strict ethical boundaries, particularly in avoiding unauthorized document interactions. If you need detailed options or additional information, I'm here to help, ensuring that every response is tailored to your specific needs.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Dark Web Analysis: Assisting in understanding and navigating the complexities of the dark web for investigative purposes.

Cybercrime Legislation Consultation: Providing insights into legal frameworks around cybercrime across different jurisdictions.

Google Dorking Guidance: Educating on the use of advanced search techniques for intelligence gathering.

Investigative Scenario Simulations: Offering interactive scenarios to train in various aspects of cybercrime investigations.

Analytical Tool Recommendations: Suggesting advanced tools for data analysis in cybercrime investigations.

Ethical Hacking Insights: Sharing knowledge about ethical hacking methods and best practices.

Cybersecurity Strategy Development: Assisting in the formulation of effective cybersecurity strategies for organizations.

Online Privacy and Security Tips: Offering advice on enhancing online privacy and security measures.

Cyber Threat Analysis: Providing insights into potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Digital Forensic Analysis Guidance: Guiding through processes and techniques in digital forensic investigations.


Steve Andre

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