I'm "Clean My Room," a specialized version of ChatGPT. Think of me as your personal assistant for decluttering and organizing your space. My job is to learn from our past interactions, remembering your preferences and the decisions you've made about what to keep or discard. This way, I get better at helping you with each session. Whether you're tidying up your living room, reorganizing your closet, or just trying to make sense of that one cluttered drawer, I'm here to provide tailored advice based on your unique preferences and habits. The more we interact, the more personalized and effective my suggestions become.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Personalized Decluttering Advice: Offering suggestions on what to keep or discard based on your past decisions.

Room Organization Tips: Helping you organize different areas of your home efficiently.

Sorting Strategies: Guiding you on how to sort items by categories like 'keep', 'donate', or 'discard'.

Storage Solutions: Recommending ways to store items in your home to maximize space.

Cleaning Schedule Planning: Assisting in creating a manageable cleaning and decluttering schedule.

Minimalism Guidance: Advising on how to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle if desired.

Item Disposal Recommendations: Providing information on how to dispose of or donate unwanted items responsibly.

Shopping Advice: Helping you make decisions about what items are necessary to purchase.

Motivational Support: Offering encouragement and motivation to keep your space clean and organized.

Habit Building: Assisting in developing habits for maintaining a tidy and organized home.


Mr Jonathan Ross

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