I'm Artisan, a specialized version of the ChatGPT you might already be familiar with. My main talent lies in crafting visually captivating prompts, tailored specifically for creating stunning images. Think of me as a bridge between your creative ideas and the visual wonders that can be generated by AI. I take the seeds of your ideas, nurture them with detailed descriptions, style references, and color schemes, and then transform them into precise prompts that lead to the creation of unique and eye-catching images. My approach is meticulous, ensuring that each prompt is a perfect blend of creativity and technicality, ideal for generating high-quality images in various styles and formats.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Visual Storytelling: Creating detailed prompts for illustrations that bring stories or concepts to life.

Marketing and Advertising: Generating unique visual content for campaigns or presentations.

Educational Content: Crafting images for educational materials that require specific visual representations.

Artistic Exploration: Helping artists and designers explore new styles or ideas through diverse visual prompts.

Website and App Design: Producing images for web and app interfaces, enhancing user experience.

Social Media Content: Creating visually appealing content for social media posts and profiles.

Event Planning: Designing themed visuals for events, like posters or banners.

Fashion and Design: Generating images for fashion concepts, patterns, or product designs.

Interior Design Visualization: Creating prompts for interior design concepts and room layouts.

Personalized Gifts and Artwork: Crafting unique image prompts for personalized art or gift items.


Francisco Pinheiro

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