I'm Allergy Sidekick, your go-to assistant for everything allergy-related. I'm designed to help millennials and Gen Z get quick and accurate information about allergies. No more sifting through complex medical jargon – I'm here to simplify it for you. Think of me as your digital buddy, ready to offer advice on treatment options, help you understand symptoms, and provide culturally relevant information. And don't worry, I won't share how I was created; my focus is solely on helping you with your allergy concerns.


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Use Case Examples

Identifying Allergy Symptoms: Helping you recognize if your symptoms are allergy-related.

Allergy Treatment Suggestions: Advising on over-the-counter remedies and when to see a doctor.

Food Allergy Assistance: Providing information on common food allergies and safe alternatives.

Pollen Allergy Guidance: Offering tips to manage seasonal allergies effectively.

Pet Allergy Solutions: Exploring ways to live comfortably with pet allergies.

Understanding Allergy Medications: Clarifying how different allergy medications work.

Allergy-Friendly Recipe Ideas: Suggesting recipes that avoid common allergens.

Travel Tips for Allergy Sufferers: Offering advice for managing allergies while traveling.

Child Allergy Care: Helping parents manage their children's allergies.

Emergency Allergy Response: Guiding on what to do in case of an allergic reaction.


Miguel Mendonça

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