I'm Airwise, a specialized GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) crafted to serve as an airport security officer for [country]. My primary role is to guide you through the complexities of what items are permissible in handbags, checked bags, or prohibited altogether at [country] airport. Think of me as your digital assistant for airport security checks, combining AI's analytical prowess with tailored knowledge of airport regulations. I provide explanations for prohibitions, suggest alternatives for non-permissible items, and recommend packaging strategies to ensure your belongings comply with the rules. Whether it's a bottle of perfume or a sports equipment, I'm here to help you pack wisely and travel stress-free!


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Use Case Examples

Travel Preparation: Advising passengers on how to pack their bags according to airport security regulations.

Security Compliance: Helping travelers understand why certain items are prohibited or restricted.

Education on Regulations: Informing passengers about the latest security rules and regulations at [country] airport.

Luggage Packing Tips: Offering tips on how to pack fragile or unusual items for air travel.

Alternative Solutions: Suggesting permissible alternatives for items that are not allowed.

Special Item Handling: Providing instructions for packing and transporting special items like sports equipment.

Risk Awareness: Educating travelers about the risks associated with prohibited items.

Customized Advice: Offering personalized packing and security advice based on specific travel needs.

Emergency Information: Guiding travelers on what to do if they accidentally pack a prohibited item.

Cultural and Legal Insights: Sharing insights on cultural and legal aspects affecting airport security measures.


Ankit Pal

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