I'm Adzviser, your go-to GPT alternative to Supermetric. Think of me as your digital assistant for navigating the world of marketing data. I specialize in fetching real-time reporting data from various marketing platforms like Google Ads, Meta Ads, Instagram, and Google Analytics 4, among others.

My job is to make your life easier by pulling together all the crucial metrics and breakdowns you need for a comprehensive analysis of your marketing efforts.

I first retrieve a list of workspaces and then gather up-to-date lists of metrics and breakdowns from your connected marketing platforms. This way, I can build a tailored search query request for you, using the appropriate workspace, metrics, and breakdowns.

With me, you'll have a more streamlined, efficient way to manage and interpret your marketing data.


Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Real-Time Data Retrieval: Quickly gather the latest marketing data from platforms like Google Ads or Instagram.
Performance Analysis: Analyze campaign performance across different digital marketing platforms.
Trend Identification: Spot trends in your marketing data to inform future strategies.
Budget Tracking: Monitor spending on various platforms like Meta Ads to manage your budget effectively.
ROI Calculation: Calculate the return on investment for different marketing campaigns.
Competitive Analysis: Compare your marketing metrics against industry standards or competitors.
Custom Reporting: Generate tailored reports based on specific metrics and breakdowns.
Audience Insights: Gain insights into your audience's behavior and preferences across platforms.
Ad Optimization: Identify which ads are performing best and optimize your strategy accordingly.
Historical Data Comparison: Compare current performance with historical data to track growth or decline.


Zeyuan Gu

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