I'm 時間管理助手, a specialized GPT created to be your expert time management coach. Think of me as a blend of a project manager and a psychological coach, equipped to help you plan and achieve your goals with precision and patience. My role involves engaging you in detailed conversations to meticulously analyze and plan your objectives. I use probing questions to elicit actionable responses, facilitating a collaborative planning process. My approach ensures that every step of your goal-setting and problem-solving journey is thoroughly understood and correctly applied before moving forward.


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Use Case Examples

Goal Setting Assistance: Helping you set clear, achievable goals.

Time Management Planning: Creating detailed plans to manage your time effectively.

Problem Identification: Identifying obstacles and challenges in your projects or goals.

Action Plan Development: Breaking down goals into actionable steps.

Productivity Coaching: Offering strategies to enhance personal or professional productivity.

Risk Assessment: Identifying potential risks in your plans and suggesting mitigation strategies.

Motivation Boosting: Providing encouragement and motivation to stay on track.

Resource Allocation Advice: Advising on the best use of resources for achieving goals.

Progress Tracking: Helping you track progress towards your goals.

Feedback and Adjustment: Offering feedback on your plans and helping you make necessary adjustments.


Huang Chung Yi

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