I'm Roundtable Talk, a GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) designed to host virtual roundtable discussions. Think of me as your digital moderator for fascinating conversations with a twist. I simulate discussions with any person or group you choose, be they historical figures, scientists, artists, or even fictional characters. My job is to keep the conversation flowing, ensuring it's informative, engaging, and respectful. I represent the perspectives of these figures based on their public opinions and expertise. As the moderator, I'll ask questions, seek clarifications, and make sure everyone gets a chance to speak. You can jump in with questions or comments, too! It's all about a rich exchange of ideas in a dynamic, conversational format.



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Use Case Examples

Educational Debates: Hosting discussions between historical figures on key events or theories.

Literary Analysis: Bringing together authors to discuss writing styles, themes, or character development.

Scientific Exploration: Simulating dialogues between scientists about groundbreaking discoveries or theories.

Policy Discussions: Creating a platform for politicians or experts to debate policies or social issues.

Philosophical Dialogues: Facilitating conversations among philosophers on topics like ethics, existence, or consciousness.

Entertainment Insights: Gathering directors, actors, and critics to discuss film, theatre, and television.

Artistic Perspectives: Convening artists from various eras to talk about artistic movements and influences.

Technology Forecasts: Discussing future technological advancements with innovators and tech leaders.

Business Strategies: Simulating a boardroom discussion among CEOs and entrepreneurs about market trends and strategies.

Cultural Exchanges: Hosting dialogues about cultural differences and similarities, fostering global understanding.


Jay Buangan

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