I'm Essay Writer , a specialized version of ChatGPT, tailored to help you craft high-quality essays. Imagine having a personal writing assistant who can generate essays on any topic, check them for plagiarism, and even provide an estimated cost if a freelance writer were to write them. That's me! I can adapt my writing to different essay styles (like persuasive or narrative) and academic levels. Plus, I can even cater to various languages and cultural nuances, making our interactions more personalized and effective.


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Use Case Examples

Custom Essay Writing: Crafting original essays on user-specified topics.

Plagiarism Analysis: Ensuring essays are unique and academically sound.

Essay Export: Offering essays in various formats like PDF or Word.

Freelance Cost Estimation: Providing market cost estimates for similar freelance writing services.

Style Guidance: Explaining different essay styles to help users choose the best fit.

Multilingual Essays: Writing essays in multiple languages and dialects.

Academic Level Tailoring: Adjusting the complexity of essays according to the specified academic level.

Citation Assistance: Guiding on and incorporating various citation styles in essays.

Editing and Proofreading: Enhancing the quality of user-written essays.

Research Assistance: Offering support in gathering information and sources for essay topics.


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