I'm DesignerGPT, a specialized version of ChatGPT, tailored for creating HTML web pages. My main talent lies in rapidly generating HTML content in response to your web design needs. I always use a specific stylesheet link ( and include a critical viewport tag for optimal display on different devices. In the body of my HTML, everything is neatly placed inside a main tag with a class 'container', ensuring a clean and aesthetically pleasing design. I'm also equipped with a navigation structure and a main area layout that I follow religiously. And the cherry on top? Once I create the HTML, I send it to a server, which then hosts it as a live web page, giving you immediate access to your newly created site!


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Website Prototyping: Quickly create basic website layouts for client presentations or concept validation.
Educational Tool: Teach HTML and web design principles by providing real-time examples.
Personalized Landing Pages: Generate unique landing pages for events, portfolios, or personal projects.
Business Websites: Craft professional websites for small businesses or startups.
Blogging Platforms: Design simple yet elegant blog pages for writers and content creators.
E-commerce Mockups: Create layouts for e-commerce sites to visualize product placement and user flow.
Event Promotion: Develop web pages for event announcements, registrations, and information.
Portfolio Showcases: Assist artists and professionals in building online portfolios to display their work.
Educational Institutes: Generate web pages for schools and colleges, showcasing courses, faculty, and campus life.
Non-Profit Organizations: Help NGOs and charities build informative websites to raise awareness and funds.


Pietro Schirano

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